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Studio Tula is a Dance, Yoga and Wellness Studio on the first floor of the beautiful historic Bing Harris Building - 286 Princes Street Dunedin. The studio offers a full weekly timetable of Yoga Classes as well as regular Dance, Yoga and wellness courses, workshops and trainings.

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Welcome to Studio Tula

Studio Tula is a soulful, expansive space to dance, to breathe, and to m o v e, and expand your yoga and wellness practice both on and off the mat With a weekly yoga timetable running Monday - Saturday, our classes range from beginners level, to moderate level gentle flow classes and more dynamic flow classes which can be an enjoyable challenge for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. if you are unsure which class would suit you best, see the class styles section of the website, or get in touch with us.

We also run regular courses, workshops & trainings in dance, yoga & wellness orientated practises. These include regular beginners yoga courses and acro yoga courses, as well as a full YA200 Yoga Teacher Training course, and certified Continuing Yoga Education courses & workshops with Trimurti Yoga NZ

We believe that wholeness, joy and contentment can be found through the combination of movement, breath, connection and expression, as well as through being a part of an uplifting community of like minded individuals. Through these things, we can come closer to our true state of being, which is peacefulness, wellness and love!

Check out our live timetable to find and book into the classes that suit you, or see the courses and workshops section of the website to see what's coming up. We look forward to seeing you at the studio soon.

Our Timetable

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Yoga Teacher | Training

Trimurti Yoga NZ's 200hr Teacher Training Course

Hosted by Studio Tula

The 200 hour Trimurti Yoga NZ yoga teacher training program, hosted by Studio Tula, explores a variety of styles, ranging from traditional Hatha and the Foundations of Yoga, to Ashtanga Vinyasa, and the popular, modern day “Flow". We also focus on Human Anatomy and its role in asana practice & injury prevention, and dive into Meditation, Pranayama, Yin Yoga, Ayurveda, Yoga Nidra, The Business of Yoga, Sequencing, and so much more. The knowledge and tools offered in this course work both on and off the mat. This affordable & accessible course runs on 10 weekends over 3 months, so you don’t have to miss work or put your life on hold. Join our fun and supportive community and make friends for life, whether or not you decide to teach following the course. Enrolment is open for the March 2018 course - see the website for more info and to sign up.



Meet the Tula Tribe

Our inspiring team of instructors are each committed to your unique yoga development, and are well trained and proficient in the disciplines that they offer. As teachers, our work lies in encouraging each student to cultivate their own sense of self-care, self-awareness, expression and empowerment through yoga, and encouragement to take what they learn off the mat and into their lives. We are a warm, friendly and inviting team of individuals who are passionate about what we teach, so feel free to pop by and meet us at the studio!



After over a decade on the mat and a career in massage therapy, Beryl teaches mindful vinyasa style classes and guides people to focus on their specific body’s structure. She promotes safe, stable asana (yoga postures) and has enjoyed leading students into a deeper practice in New York City, India and now NZ. She also lectures on the Anatomy of Asana, and the basics of Ayurveda, linking yogic tradition with modern practices. During her many trips to India she trained and taught as a 200hr multi-style teacher, and then co-wrote the 300hr level training with her trainers, Trimurti Yoga, in Dharamsala and South Goa. She is proudly a Continuing Education Provider with Yoga Alliance, and will bring a multi-style 200hr Yoga Teacher Training to Dunedin in March 2018! For more information see or email



Jasmin has been initiated in the traditions of Classical Hatha & Tantra Yoga. She has practised Yoga since she was a child and began her deeper studies of Yoga by attending retreats in Italy while working in the fashion sector in Europe. She then decided to follow her bliss and went further, for five years living in full immersion, practising and teaching in Ashrams, Centres and Monasteries in India, Nepal, Canada, and New Zealand. She practices a synthesis of Yoga, combining all of the 'paths' together, including the many aspects of Yoga such as asana, pranayama, mindfulness + meditation, philosophy and chanting + mantra, and this approach is embedded in her classes. She is now based in Dunedin and is teaching at Studio Tula, as well as Milton Prison & Moana House. Jasmin loves to share Yoga with people from all walks of life, all shapes and sizes, and from absolute beginners through to advanced Yogis. She has done this through classes, courses, workshops, and retreats around the world. Jasmin continues to be in awe of the power of Yoga and the versatility of its application. She is inspired to always grow with her practice, while inviting others who resonate to explore alongside her, and to learn what Yoga means for them.



Phoebe was first drawn to yoga to balance the stress of being a university student, and since then it has become a constant companion. Coming from an athletic background, Phoebe was initially drawn only to the physical aspects of the practice, however, awareness and passion of the more subtle, mental, and energetic aspects of yoga emerged overtime. Phoebe draws on her counselling background and training in classical Hatha yoga (500-RYT), trauma informed yoga, energy work, Vipassana, and mindfulness meditation to teach holistic classes accessible to everyone. Phoebe loves sharing yoga for its mental health benefits, and is especially passionate about sharing her favourite practice, yoga nidra.



KJ trained as a dancer in a range of disciplines throughout her childhood, and found the transition to yoga classes while at University quite natural. Initially attracted to it's physical challenge, she found the benefits to run deeper. She attended a variety of classes over the next decade but found her yoga home at Sanctuary Health in Christchurch, where her passion for yoga and her soul were nurtured and fed. In 2011, she attended yoga teacher training at the Byron Yoga Centre (YA 200hrs). Finding out she was pregnant on the final day of the course took her on a new path, training with Baby Bliss Yoga and teaching Pregnancy Yoga and Mums and Bubs Yoga, which she has loved and feels very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with women during such a transformative time. “Yoga has had such a grounding influence for me, inspiring me and challenging me, while strengthening my body and mind. I'm addicted to that feeling you have when you leave a wonderful yoga practice, tired but fresh, utterly relaxed and floating in peace.” KJ teaches our weekly Mums and Bubs and Pregnancy Yoga classes



Kat Harpur started practicing Yoga in 2005 as a way to avoid doing all the Physio exercises prescribed to her to deal with all her sports injuries, she figured most of the exercises prescribed by the Physio were done in yoga anyway. Kat has a background in Exercise Physiology and Psychology is constantly searching for ways to integrate the physical and psychological aspects of Yoga and aspires to one day use it as a form of therapy to benefit students. Kat completed her teacher training in 2012 at YogaLife SA and there she discovered Yoga to be more than just a physical practice. In her classes, Kat focuses on encouraging students not to take themselves too seriously in practice, accept where their bodies are at and allow the postures to benefit them through function rather than form.



Whitney played competitive water polo for eight years so when she started taking yoga classes it was just to supplement her training but she quickly fell in love with yoga. After about six month of practicing once or twice a week she left to backpack around Europe for two months and wished she could do yoga on her own but didn’t feel like she had the knowledge to start practicing without instruction so when she got back she signed up for teacher training just to deepen her own practice but just like she fell in love with yoga, she also fell in love with teaching. Over the next few months practised yoga several times a day and developed an insatiable appetite for learning more about all aspects of yoga, on and off her mat. In terms of her personal practise, she loves how practicing yoga and meditation eases her stress and anxiety, and how learning about yogic philosophy inspires her to strive to be a more thoughtful and compassionate person. She is now a 250 hour certified power vinyasa instructor, who will go on to attend a 300hr Multi discipline yoga teacher training with Trimurti Yoga in Goa india in January 2018! Whitney has an immense love for meeting others with a passion for yoga and being a part of the yoga journey of each person that attends her classes.



Fiona has a background in psychiatric and medical nursing, and was introduced to yoga by a friend, to help manage work-related physical and mental stress. She found the holistic benefits of yoga at her first Iyengar class and has had a regular yoga practice for the last 15 years. She was drawn to the dynamic practice of Astanga and its sequential system of asanas at her first class in 2004. In 2006 and 2007 she undertook a two year YA500 teacher training programme with the Auckland Yoga Academy. This training deepened her own practice and qualified her to teach Astanga to others and to share her passion. She was fortunate to be able to travel to Mysore, India in 2008, to the home of Astanga yoga. There she was honoured to meet Sri K Pattabhi Jois (Guruji) and to study under his grandson Sharath. Fiona has taught and practised Astanga yoga in Wellington, Auckland and Dunedin for the last 10 years and throughout the pregnancies of her 3 children. She is also a trained Kids Yoga teacher and takes classes for children 3-10 years.



Nicola has practiced Astanga yoga for 11 years. In 2009 she completed her Yoga teacher training with Peter Nilsson and Jude Hynes at the Auckland Yoga Academy and became registered as RYT 500 (Registered Yoga Teacher 500 hours) through Yoga Alliance. She has practiced extensively at the Yoga Academy and has also completed various workshops with Dena Kingsberg, Matthew Sweeney and Peter Sanson. Nicola’s first introduction to yoga was attending an Astanga beginner’s class at the Auckland Yoga Academy. Immediately, she felt a strong connection with the practice, initially because it was physically challenging, but over time, the benefits of the practice included feeling more present, grounded and calm, both on and off the mat! Nicola’s yoga practice has been life changing and she considers it an absolute gift to have been exposed to such a beautiful tradition. She is inspired by being able to share this with others.



Jooske’s love of acroyoga began in 2011 at a set of workshops in Te Anau, with international Acroyoga instructors Jason Magness and Chelsey Magness, co-founders of Yoga Slackers, so inspired by their teaching and the art & discipline of Acroyoga, she attended workshops with them again in 2012 and in 2016. Since then she has been an avid student, having attended several trainings with local and international teachers, she has developed herself into a proactive and passionate Acroyoga teacher. Based in Dunedin, Jooske has been teaching the foundations of Acroyoga for the past 2 years and has run several workshops at New Zealand festivals. Jooske is part of the international Acroyoga community and has organised Acroyoga demonstrations and performances as well as workshops in Dunedin with international Acroyoga instructors. Her teaching is a mixture of combination of different practices and styles of movement that Jooske has worked with over the years with a base of foundational Acroyoga. Jooske teaches 8 week long Acro Yoga Foundations courses at the studio and is excited to share her love of Acroyoga more and more with the Studio Tula community, working to bring a unique, safe and well rounded approach to learning the foundations of Acroyoga.



German born and raised Antje has been living in Aotearoa for almost a decade. She first got in contact with Yoga in 2008 and has been practising ever since. Her childhood love for dance, natural health, and philosophy merges in her Yoga practice. She strives to deeply understand and embody her yogic experiences on and off the mat and make this truth accessible to others. Antje aims to help find, strengthen and deepen the connection with our own Self as well as the connection to others by guiding her students towards a more heart centered way of life. Dru Yoga is a graceful and potent form of yoga, based on flowing movements, directed breathing and visualization. With its foundations set firmly in ancient yogic tradition. Her teaching is influenced by the natural cycles- the seasons and the moon. She is aiming to help her students connect to their inner Self, nature and the cosmos by taking classes outside into the natural world whenever possible. Passionate about natural building and gardening she lives on a lifestyle block with her husband and her two sons. She is a firm believer in yoga being practiced by people of all abilities, all fitness levels and all age groups, she loves that Dru is a style of yoga that can be quickly dipped into or learned in more depth over a lifetime.



Danielle is passionate about fostering inner strength and calmness in children and positive relationships in families. She loves enabling children to develop these vital life skills whilst also empowering parents. Danielle combines her training as a primary school teacher with her background in performing arts to deliver fun and creative techniques for children and families to use. Her approach is also influenced by her experiences as a Mum of two, her strong community spirit and her interests in yoga and meditation. Danielle offers Relax Kids after school classes at Studio Tula during the school term. More info about the classes can be found via her website



Lisa Māia Ambrose is the founder and director of Studio Tula. Studio Tula was born out of Lisa’s passion to bring together dance, the healing arts, yoga, and community. Lisa first found yoga at the age twelve, and belly dance a year later. The two modalities have been interwoven through her life ever since. Having used yoga to support her own back injuries, she passionately believes in the physical and emotional value that yoga can bring all people. Already an established dance teacher with a drive to provide a holistic space of vibrancy and healing, Lisa fell in love with the space that now is Studio Tula. Since its opening in October 2016, Studio Tula now offers a full weekly timetable of yoga, dance, and meditation as well as beginners yoga, acro yoga, belly dance courses, private yoga sessions and group sessions for members of local groups/businesses. Courses and classes in American Tribal Style and Tribal Fusion Belly Dance with The Maia School of Belly Dance are taught by Lisa at Studio Tula. Lisa also leads classes as part of the studios weekly yoga timetable as well as private individual and group sessions. Lisa has a background in sustainability studies and permaculture and strives to bring environmental and sustainability consciousness to Studio Tula, as part of this she proudly runs the TulaBee Fund, which donates monthly to NZ based environmental and conservation causes.



All of our flow classes follow a sequence that will get your body moving and your mind clear. Enjoy some sun salutations, standing, seated, and balance poses, while linking your movements with your breath. These dynamic and moving classes bring a balance of strength & softness, calmness & capability. Our flow classes range from 60 - 75 minutes in length depending on where they are on the timetable.


Based in Vinyasa flow, but with a gentler and more allowing pace, this class is a great review for seasoned practitioners, and provides a supportive learning environment for newer yogis. Modifications/props will always be mentioned and demonstrated.


Join us for a class designed to introduce yoga, and "flow" to the newer yogis. This class will teach the basics of sun salutations, linking movement with breath, and basic asana (poses) to anyone and everyone. Its great if you are new to yoga as well as anyone looking to getting back to the foundations of their practice. These classes are also great for anyone that simply enjoys a slower pace class with plenty of good cues for alignment. All levels welcome and invited.


Unwind your body and your mind in this meditative deep stretch, yin yoga class. Yin yoga is a "more passive" style that holds poses for minutes each, yin yoga provides a soothing balance to the very yang lifestyles many of us lead. The poses stimulate and calm the flow of the meridians of the body, balance our nervous system and allow the connective tissues in the body to hydrate, release and relax. Classes open up the space, calm and time to revive and re-balance the body, breath and mind.


This 75-minute experience draws in all the elements of hatha, mindful movements, classical poses, pranayama (breathwork), meditative yoga sequences and a guided meditation to balance, decompress and restore at the end of the day. Expect something a little different in this class if you are new to aspects of yoga other than just the physical postures. Suitable for all levels

Weekly Teacher and Advanced Students Self-practice Session

From 9-11am on Wednesdays Nic and Fiona, our studio Ashtangis, will have the studio space open for yoga teachers and advances students to come and do a yoga self-practice in our beautiful space together. Find a spot to roll out your mat and immerse yourself in your own practice and set the pace of your flow. This is a lovely way to practice our respective yogic traditions in a shared space. Through breath and movement comes a beautiful stillness of being. This session is $10 to be paid in cash at the studio, all month passes and studio concessions also can be used for attendance at this session.


This specialised class allows time to slow down and connect with your changing body and growing baby. It aims to enhance the health and well being of mums-to-be, supporting them through the changes during pregnancy and assisting them in the preparation for birth and life with a newborn. We recommend that you consult your doctor first, and begin our classes after 12 weeks of pregnancy.


This delightful class allows new mums to bring the bubs to the studio and share valuable time together on the mat. Led by our in house prenatal yoga teacher, this is a great way to meet new moms while reconnecting with your body post birth. It is generally recommended to begin when you are feeling that you have recovered after labour, usually 6-8 weeks after birth. If you are unsure please check with your midwife. How old is too old for bubs? Our general rule for this is, If the baby is actively crawling, they are too old for the class! If you have any questions, please ask us.


Relax Kids after school classes equip children with skills for life and promote healthy habits and life-long wellbeing. These fun and inspiring activity and Relaxation classes for 6-12 year olds at Studio Tula include games and activities, movement and stretching, breathing exercises, visualisation stories and positive thinking. Bookings for this class are run independently by The Calming Company Dunedin, learn more via the website here or contact Danielle at


We take all class bookings, and payments through our Mindbody Online booking system, or via the Mindbody Online app which can be downloaded on your mobile device. Due to growing class numbers it is best to book your class ahead of time. Because of the ease and accessibility of our online payment system to our customers, payments made at the studio are now cash only.

Single Class Passes (valid for 7 days from purchase) Price
One Drop-In Class $16
Students Class Rate $14

Multi Class Passes Price
10 Class Passes - Valid for 8 months $135
10 Full-time Student Class Pass - Valid for 8 months (Students must present ID) $120
5 Class Passes - Valid for 4 months $72



This pass gives you unlimited access to any class on our timetable for 30 days from first use - A great opportunity to explore our class styles, meet our teachers, and begin your yoga practice! Only available for purchase once.


This pass gives you unlimited access to all classes on our timetable for 30 days

3 MONTH PASS // $285 ($95 PER MONTH)

This pass gives you unlimited access to any class on our timetable for 3 months


General Terms & Conditions: All class passes are non-refundable. Cash Only at the studio - no eftpos or credit cards. We encourage payments to be made in advance of class via our online booking system, the mobile app, or in cash at the studio (Will will accept credit cards once for customers that were not aware of our no credit card/eftpos card policy/were unable to bring cash). All current class concessions and month passes are extended by the duration of studio holiday periods. These are currently only 2 weeks over christmas/new years, and one week in winter for our intensive winter training week - some classes will still run over this week in winter. Validity dates on introductory Offers, Multi Class Passes, and 1 Month Unlimited Passes may be eligible for extension in the case of emergency circumstances or injury. If you feel you have a reason to extend your pass please email us at First time unlimited month passes must be activated by first use within 12 months of purchase date.


We recommend not eating at least one hour before your yoga or dance session, and arriving to your class well hydrated. Please bring your own yoga mat and water bottle. We happily rent out yoga mats from reception for a small fee. All mat hire payments we receive go directly to our TulaBee fund - which provides donations to a different charity/cause each month. We recommend that students new to the Studio try our Intro Unlimited Month Pass, which provides and opportunity to experience the variety of teachers and class styles that we have here at the studio.

Please aim to arrive at the studio at least 10 minutes early to claim your booking/sign in, and set up for your class. Arriving early is especially important if you are new to the studio, to fill in our new client form, check in with the teacher and discuss any questions or limitations/injuries that you may have, and get to know the studio.

Studio Hire

The space at Studio Tula is perfect for dance, making music, or practicing yoga. With wooden floors and exposed brick, this beautiful space can be transformed to your needs. The space is warm, light and spacious during the day, or the curtains can be pulled back to create a cosy intimate feel. Contact us for space rental enquiries.


For more information please contact us:

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Address: Floor 1 / Bing Harris Building - 286 Princes Street Dunedin